In our Tuolumne focus area, the My Sierra Woods team expects to complete at least 5,000 acres of fuels reduction treatment on nonindustrial private forestland in the next three years (2022-2025). To maximize treatment impact and effectively moderate fire behavior at a landscape scale, our team will prioritize “bundled” landowner projects. This means that the majority of the projects we put to bid will be 150+ acres, comprising of multiple adjacent landowner parcels.  

Over the next few years, the My Sierra Woods team will engage in various landowner outreach campaigns across the Tuolumne landscape to achieve our treatment goals. Landowners that express interest in our financial assistance offers will be paired with one of our local contracted foresters for a site visit. From there, we will work with landowners and foresters to develop treatment projects. All treatment projects funded by My Sierra Woods will be designed to maximize fire risk reduction opportunities.  

Are you interested in bidding on a project? 

My Sierra Woods contracts directly with local and regional limited timber operators (LTOs) to conduct fuels reduction treatments for our nonindustrial private forest landowner projects. Here are three ways to stay in the loop on upcoming My Sierra Woods project opportunities: 

Add your name to the the My Sierra Woods operator email list to receive  announcements about upcoming project opportunities and bid requirements. 

Follow My Sierra Woods on Facebook to learn more about our programmatic efforts and be notified when new projects have opened for bids.

Bookmark and periodically visit this webpage! We’ll post all Request for Quote (RFQ) bid documents in the section below. 

Current Projects Open for Bids

There are no current projects ready for bid at this time. Please check back next month.

As part of the bid submission and review process, LTOs will be able to coordinate directly with the forester overseeing the project to set up potential site visits and discuss project specifications. 

Before submitting a bid, we recommend that you review this example Request for Quote (RFQ) and successful LTO bid submission. My Sierra Woods and the forester fill out the Project Description and #1 prior to posting the RFQ for bid. LTOs fill out #2, #3 and #4

Operators under contract with My Sierra Woods will need to submit this Payment Request Form to receive payment for treatment project progress.